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Dear Parent,

Have you ever noticed that giving your child an allowance often sets up unrealistic expectations about the ease with which money can be obtained?

You're at the grocery store and your child is pulling on your shirt and working his way into a tantrum just because you won't buy him the candy he wants. Even after you've suggested he use his own allowance.

There is nothing more embarrassing than having your child whine and complain because they don't get everything they want. And you start to wonder, if just giving your child an allowance is part of the problem.

Having to earn your money gives you an appreciation for its value. So you wonder if giving your child a free allowance is creating unrealistic expectations.

I constantly get questions from parents,
just like you, about whether or not you
should give your kids an allowance.

Talking about money is always difficult, and the subject of allowances is certainly a little bit taboo. At first, my initial response when parents would ask me if giving their child an allowance is a good thing would be NO. But this got me to thinking, is this always the correct answer? So, I decided to start asking other parents for their opinions. And as I listened to what they had to say, my opinion about allowances started to change a bit.

And if you're like most parents I know then you are concerned about this same topic as well. I have even been out with friends who have given their children money just to stop them from having a tantrum. This is a very touchy subject matter - and most of us just don't know what the right answer is.

Hi Amanda

I have just finished your fabulous book Allowance Secrets!

Pocket money is an issue I have struggled with for a while, knowing when to give and allowance, whether or not to give an allowance and if not, what to do to teach our children about effective money management in a manageable and consistent way for lasting benefit.

Your book has given me a balanced perspective, different approaches to consider and, as a result, the confidence to create a learning experience for our children that I believe will achieve all our goals. Thank you.

Kim McGuinness

Hi Amanda,

First of all thanks for the slap in the face…….

Having pondered with children before and the exact in’s and out’s of their financial success, always wondering are you doing things right????
Reading your book was a refreshing help and put some different aspects on what we all know, or everyone else thinks they know.

My wife and I have taken on different aspects of the book. What you, and some of the experts that also feature in your book mention actually makes sense.
We can now quite happily make decisions for our kids future financial success with full knowledge that it will help them greatly.

I urge anyone who would like to read something that most probably will, help their children’s future, get this book and have a good read. Thank you again

Darren Lucas

Through my ‘Teaching Children About Money’ website, I have gotten to know a lot of money management experts who focus on children.

I decided that what was needed for most parents was for me to ask the experts. I wanted to involve them in the discussion and ask them about their experiences and their opinions about giving kids allowances.

This is exactly what I did, and I ended up questioning over 20 money experts, parents, grandparents, teenagers and other successful folks about their experiences and personal opinions about kids and allowances.

The response from these folks was overwhelming. I received dozens of enthusiastic e-mails from these experts telling me that my question had hit quite the nerve. This is certainly a hot button topic for many money experts and something that parents like you are quite concerned about.

I was certainly humbled by the insight and depth of wisdom these experts offered on this intriguing topic.

In fact, all the wisdom and opinions that they shared with me have become quite the manuscript! It took me much longer than I imagined putting it all together.

All of this insightful information became my book -

"Allowance Secrets - To Give or Not To Give?"

But first, let me introduce you to some of the many experts that offered opinions and wisdom in this book that you can obtain for FREE!

Kid's and Money Experts

Allowance Secrets - Kids and Money Experts

Successful Entrepreneurs and Life Coaches

Allowance Secrets - Successful Entrepreneurs and Life Coaches

My FREE e-book "Allowance Secrets" is over 200 pages long and contains all the information you need in order to decide if giving your child an allowance is best in your situation. I pride myself as being a money coach, but I know that this book has helped perfect my understanding of allowance matters.

So I decided that I would give this e-book away for FREE to help as many parents as possible with this difficult decision.

Allowance Secrets

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this FREE offer while it lasts. Whether you have children, know other friends with children, or are even thinking of having children, you need this information right now.

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I really never gave any thought about the practical tips and ideas proposed in this book. To me, allowance always equated with getting a reward or money for being good or doing chores.

Life happens so fast and it’s hard to think of these things as your child is developing. As parents, we just know they want things and we are responsible for providing for them and we believe that they should earn what they want in order to understand the value and gratitude of having the things that they already have and vice versa!

Instilling values in relationship to receiving money is probably the biggest challenge in teaching kids about money. This book explains a lot and opened my eyes and my mind to the reasons we even give allowance to children and the values associated with these reasons.

Thank you, Amanda, and thanks to all the contributors of this book. I look forward to my son’s brilliant financial future!”

Karen Miller


There are no accidents. This book is exactly what I needed to read!

Something that I have found consistently difficult as a parent is figuring out what to do about allowance. We've tried just about every conceivable approach with the intention of either teaching responsible money habits, or instilling good work ethic, or creating a motivation factor to help share the work load, but there has always seemed to be something missing.

We haven't always seen the results we had hoped for, and in fact, sometimes the end results were just plain frustrating. "Allowance Secrets: To Give or Not to Give?" has given me some new strategies to ensure I raise money-savvy kids without the pressure of having to provide all the funds to make that happen.

Whether you agree with giving your child an allowance or not, this book will provide you with insights and ideas to create a successful outcome when teaching money matters to your children.

Kathy Sherwood


As a former CPA and Tax Accountant, I understand the importance of learning about money.
If you consider that kids aren't taught this essential life skill in school, it comes back to the parents to provide a sound foundation.

Allowance Secrets addresses some key issues that can help parents in being that foundation for their kids. I highly recommend it and am confident that you'll find quite a few strategies that you can implement immediately.

Angelo Campione

Not only does "Allowance Secrets" cover all of the reasons why you would give an allowance to your child, it also covers all of the reasons why you would not give an allowance to child. In addition, this FREE e-book covers a comprehensive list of alternatives to allowances.

Did I mention already that this book is FREE?

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So you might be thinking why would I give something so valuable away for free, there must be a catch? And there is, I want to empower as many kids as I can because they are our future and if we don’t teach them about money now then we will have a lot of financial fixing to do once they grow up.

My own children are just young and beginning this learning process and as a mother, myself, I can see the great need to teach our children about money.

Video Testimonial from Enzo Iovine, London, UK


This is an inspiring book for all kinds of parents with children under 18.
It presents much more than simple rules, it presents real experiences that can support parents with their teaching routines.

This is an easy reading book that can be used as a valuable tool for encouraging children to act and live some initial and basic concepts of entrepreneurship."

Alessandro Costa Nunes

So the catch is simple, the e-book, “Allowance Secrets: To Give Or Not To Give?” is absolutely free. When you opt-in to get your free e-book I will present you with a one-time offer, one that really will only ever be shown to you the one time (I use a special software to make sure of that). This offer is for some incredible tools to help you make teaching your children about money so much easier.

But the cool thing is that you don’t have to take up this offer. Have a read through the offer and if you’re really not interested in using these tools to help your child learn about money, how to earn it, how to manage it, and how to make their money work for them, then simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and just click on the “No Thanks” button.

No matter if you take up the offer or not, you still get this e-book for free!

I hate it when websites say something is for free and then only give you half for free and make you pay for the second half or pay for shipping, I think that’s just ‘not on!’ That’s why I want to be completely honest with you here, right now, before you get your e-book so you’ll know exactly what is waiting for you. I believe parents need to be well prepared.

I have been blessed in helping many families and their children become better money managers. And this is just a small way for me to give back. There is absolutely no obligation to you, and no need for you to have to purchase anything at all.

I sincerely hope that this FREE e-book will help make the allowance decision easier for you, as I know it has certainly broadened my understanding of this hot button topic.


Thank you for this wonderful book.
I gave the book a "quick" read and cannot wait to get stuck into it.

There is only one word to describe this book, "MINDBLOWING".The ideas are truly awsome.

I have 3 sons ,ages 25,24 and 9. I made many mistakes with my two older boys and refuse to make the same mistakes with my 9 year old.
My older children still think of Mommy as their walking ATM.

With this book ,"Allowance Secrets",I know that I am going to do it right this time. The nice thing is that I can try out one idea/technique or a combination,and if that does not work ,I have so many other options to try.

This is the book all parents have been waiting for.Thank you so very Much.


Cindy Govender
South Africa


Thank you so much for this AMAZING book.

It has been obvious to me for years that the way we bring our kids up and the relation to money that we give them can have a MASSIVE impact in their adult life.

I spent years battling against credit card debt because when I was a kid I got things when I wanted them and I suppose I never really learnt the value of money, so as an adult I just bought what I wanted when I wanted and got myself in debt.
I also dont want to bring my kids up with a scarcity mentality where they think "we cant afford that" because I dont want them to get to used to the idea that money is hard to earn and that we never have enough money.

My eldest is almost 9 and I have been getting so much conficting advice from family and friends about what to do regarding allowance, how much to give, should the work for it, shoudl they loose it as a punishment etc. Now I have read your book you have answered so many of my questions and I know feel much happier and I know I am doing the best to teach my kids to respect money but not fear it.

Thank You So Much

David Purcell


Allowance Secrets is a great resource for all parents and Grandparents alike.
It offers many different viewpoints on whether or not to give your child an allowance, as well as many strategies that can be used to teach your children about money.
It helps you to develop strategies that will work for you and your family in a way that feels right for YOU.

I highly recommend it.

Faye Read
Midwife, Childbirth Educator and mother of 4 kids Business owner of 'Soulbirth' and 'Quolkids'

"So, please take a moment to click on the button below where you will get FREE, fast and easy access to "Allowance Secrets" that will help make this decision about setting your children up for financial success a no-brainer.

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You risk nothing, and I can promise you that the information will be hugely rewarding. So go for it, get your copy right now!

To Your Ongoing Success,
Amanda van der Gulik
Amanda van der Gulik
Cheers...Amanda van der Gulik... Excited Life Enthusiast! Tweet about Allowance Secrets

P.S. This FREE e-book will help you decide if an allowance is right for you and your family. Your children’s financial future depends on you making the right decision in your situation. So get your FREE copy right now!

P.P.S. This FREE e-book titled "Allowance Secrets: To Give Or Not To Give?" gathers expert opinion and wisdom from over 20 top kids money management experts, life coaches and successful entrepreneurs. It is also full of more than 200 pages of vital information to help make this decision an easy one for you. Claim it now, it's FREE and no risk to you at all.


I am so glad that you took the time to write this book!

I personally agree with you and am against giving my kids pocket money because I do not believe that this will teach them to become financially independent. The way you explain how giving your child pocket money for doing chores, having good grades etc can scar them in the future, was a real eye-opener.

However, with that being said I also loved the information from other experts on the subject and their different views and approaches.
To sum it up, I agree with you as there is no right or wrong way, but your book certainly helps parents make an informed decision based on their beliefs and their financial status and background.
A very good book that I will definitely be recommending to all my friends.
Thank you!

Best regards,

Carol Gav

I had heard about “boomerang children” from my friends with older kids. A growing trend is for kids to graduate from college, then return home because of financial problems. Why not teach your kids to manage their money (and their expectations) when they are young and dependent upon you for guidance? It makes total sense, but you may become stymied like I was when I realized I did not have a solid system in place to manage allowances and expectations.

That is where the wonderful new e-book, Allowance Secrets, save me! Filled with valuable advice, tips and techniques from more than 20 experts on financial management, Allowance Secrets became an indispensible handbook in my family. If I had a question on whether to reward my child for good grades, I found a reasonable answer that made sense in Allowance Secrets. If my daughter became whiney in a store, constantly asking for me to buy her something, I turned to the handbook and discovered a wonderful technique that satisfied us both.

Thank you, Amanda van der Gulik for writing such an empowering book on becoming financially savvy – I have learned as much as my daughter!

Kathryn E. Eriksen
Author of Walk With the Master

Dear Amanda:

I read your book last night. It was so interesting I couldn´t stop reading until past midnight.

In these times of financial crisis, when the ups and downs in the worldwide markets are affecting the countries, thus the people; where losing the job is a menace for everybody, your book ALLOWANCE SECRETS has arrived at the right time, full of goodies for parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. I think it has to be a mandatory reading for parents with young children.

Parenting does not have to be a lost battle with your pre-teen and teenage children. Using communication strategies and the right approach, we will discover the future entrepreneurs and new millionaires.

Keep walking the extra mile.

Warm regards from a sunny place in Mexico.

Lourdes (Lulu) Anguiano

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